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How to Make Slideshow from Images?

How to Make Slideshow from Images?

Want to show your photos in a different way? You can realize it by creating digital albums with Free Easy Slideshow Maker, which is a photo slideshow maker for novices and experts to make slideshow gallery from their digital images. It transforms your digital photos and music to perfect video masterpieces in AVI format. To make your slideshows creative and special, you are able to add different transition effects between each image. You can also set it to break when no pictures.

How to Use Free Easy Slideshow Maker to Make Slideshow from Images?

Step 1Input Images

Launch Free Easy Slideshow Maker. Click "Pictures" () to select images. The selected ones will be displayed in the task list in alphabetical order. If needed, click "Clear" () to remove all of them from the list.

Input Images

Step 2Add Audio

Free Easy Slideshow Maker allows you to add music to your slideshow through "Audio" (). All of the audio formats you can find are supported.

Add Audio

Step 3Preset Output Settings

You are allowed to set how long the pictures and transitions delay by entering the numbers in "Pictures delay (seconds)" and "Transitions delay (seconds)" boxes (). Check "Random effects" () to add different random transition effects between each image. Frame rate are optional (30/1; 25/1; 15/1) as well as Frame size (320 * 240; 640 * 480; 1280 * 960) (). Check "Preview while encoding"/"Break when no pictures" according to your need.

Preset Output Settings

Step 4Output the Slideshow

Click "Output" () on the left top of the window to choose an output folder and click "Start" () to start conversion. At the bottom, you can see the pictures being encoded with detailed information like Frame number, FPS, Size, etc. Within seconds, the conversion will be finished and you can easily find your slideshow in the specified output folder.

Output the Slideshow