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Free Easy OCR
Free Easy OCR
Accurate Image OCR to Extract Text from Images
  • Create editable and searchable MS Word or Text files from any image you supply
  • Scan paper documents and then OCR text directly from scanned images
  • Side-by-side windows to edit OCR text intuitively
  • Virtually eliminate retyping with unmatched recognition accuracy & conversion capabilities
  • 100% Free, Safe & Easy!
Quick Guide for Text Extracting

User Ratings

Free Easy OCR processes faster than any product I have installed on my PC. It can convert a scanned PDF/Image into an editable text in startling seconds. High-speed OCR!

Capability in special font recognition and complex layout analysis is worth praising. Free Easy OCR fits complicated tasks perfectly while maintaining its overall high accuracy. It also provides an excellent automatic zoning function. All these meet my need quite well.

With this software, I can get accurate texts from my scanned documents, images and faxes from my friends. Easy to save them to TXT and export them into Word.

Free Easy OCR offers a simple and elegant interface and the result text needs little correction. The more images zoom in, the more accurate text I can get.


Download A to Z - Excellent"We're proud to add full-text OCR to the list of available options for Free Easy OCR customers. Besides, Free Easy OCR The software has a pallet of helpful features like zooming and the ability to adjust the direction of the page."

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick"Our OCR experts have tested the latest version of Free Easy OCR and we consider it the best overall value for business users. Our sample documents ranged from simple text files to detailed charts and complex mathematical equations. Free Easy OCR recreated them with the same layout, fonts and colors as the original documents."

PC World - Editor's Review"We consider Free Easy OCR a great example among the OCR software for its highly accurate conversion, simple to use and clever selection tools. It's an excellent documentation OCR tool without requiring Help."

Computer Buyer - Editor's Review"We find this program a more capable solution than many competing products we've seen. It provides a driver that allows users to scan hard-copy documents right into the software using their scanners. With Free Easy OCR we would never be lost in a sea of retyping one document after another."

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