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How to Extract Text from Scanned PDF (PDF OCR)?

How to Extract Text from Scanned PDF (PDF OCR)?

As paper documents are converted into electronic format such as PDF or TIFF files, companies get many benefits as they can save on storage space and do not run the risk of physical damage happening to documents. However, these files are like photos of the original documents and nothing cannot be searched through a text string. Software like Free Easy OCR overcomes this problem by extracting text from scanned PDF files with optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

How to Use Free Easy OCR to Extract Text from Scanned PDF (PDF OCR)?

Step 1Input PDF

Launch Free Easy OCR to choose "OCR" (). Click "Load PDF" () to choose a PDF file you want to extract and click "Open" () to input it to the program window.

Input PDF

Step 2Start OCR

When the file is on the preview window, click "Zoom out/Zoom in/Fit Width/Fit Page" () to get a better view of the file. The bigger the preview, the more accurate result text you get. Thus, we suggest you zoom in as much as possible. Use "Previous/Next" to preview the pages one by one. Click "OCR" () and you'll get the text extracted from the image file.

Start OCR

Step 3Save Text

The extracted text will display in the text window in several seconds. You can find some documents tools on the right top. "Clear Text Window" is to delete all of the text and there is "Remove Line Breaks" button for easier editing. You can also click "Copy all Texts to Clipboard" () to copy text in order to place it into the application of your choice. To save the extracted text as *.txt, click "Save Text" (). If needed, click "Export Text into Microsoft Word" to output the extracted text in Word, then you can also save it as Word document.

Save Text