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Free Easy OCR
Free Easy OCR
Accurate Image OCR to Extract Text from Images
  • Create editable and searchable MS Word or Text files from any image you supply
  • Scan paper documents and then OCR text directly from scanned images
  • Side-by-side windows to edit OCR text intuitively
  • Virtually eliminate retyping with unmatched recognition accuracy & conversion capabilities
  • 100% Free, Safe & Easy!
Quick Guide for Text Extracting


Extract Text from Image

How to Extract Text from Image (Image OCR)?

Image formats have been increased use throughout the years as electronic documents have become more prevalent. To make image files fully efficient you need to extract text from images with the use of the latest technological tools such as Free Easy OCR which can quickly and accurately recognize and extract text from image files such as scanned documents, photographs or digital camera captured pictures. Extracted text will be presented as plain text.

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