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Free Easy JPG to PDF Converter
Free Easy JPG to PDF Converter
Convert JPG & Other Images into a Single PDF
  • Convert numerous highly dense JPG files into single securable and compatible PDF document
  • Convert various images to readable PostScript text
  • Create PDF from file and scanner
  • Control the output quality with many customized settings like paper sizes and compressions
  • 100% Free, Safe, Easy & No Adobe Acrobat Needed!
Quick Guide for JPG to PDF Conversion


Convert JPG to PDF

How to Convert JPG to PDF?

The most used file format for storing digital photos or images on the Internet is JPG, also known as JPEG. It uses a lossy image compression algorithm and may sacrifices image data for a smaller file size. In order to preserve the graphic's resolution and aspect ratio you can use an image to PDF converter like Free Easy JPG to PDF Converter to convert JPG images to Portable Document Format (PDF), which is often a preferred format for saving and distributing image and document files.

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