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How to Download YouTube Videos?

How to Download YouTube Videos?

You can always find the most popular and newly released videos like music videos, sports videos, new film trailers and funny videos on But enjoy the videos offline seems impossible for there's no free download links. The ideal solution is a YouTube Downloader program such as Free Easy YouTube Downloader which can help you download whatever videos on YouTube. What you need to do is paste the URLs and click some buttons.

How to Use Free Easy YouTube Downloader to Download YouTube Videos?

Step 1Choose Download Wizard Mode

Launch Free Easy YouTube Downloader. Choose "Download video from YouTube" () mode (If you want to convert local video files, choose "Convert audio/video (previously downloaded) from file").

Choose Download Wizard Mode

Step 2Paste YouTube Video URLs & Choose Download Settings

Copy the URLs of available YouTube videos and click "Paste" () to paste them to the "Input URLs" section. You can click "Remove" button to delete the selected URL or click "Empty" button to clear all added URLs. The program will auto-check if the URLs are correct and pop up a window if wrong URLs are pasted. You may check the "Prefer YouTube high quality" () and the downloader will download the video in default queue. There's a "Config..." () button to activate the window in which you can queue the preferred quality. Click "Select..." () to choose download folder. Then, click "Download" () to start download.

(The download priority settings here do not guarantee that you get whatever format and quality you want - 2 conditions to make it work: 1. the format/quality you want must be listed in the "Prefer YouTube high quality" window activated by "Config..." button; 2. the format/quality you want must be available on the YouTube video page. If you don't need this function, just uncheck "Prefer YouTube high quality" and the default quality would be HQ5.)

Paste YouTube Video URLs & Choose Download Settings

Step 3Start Download

After you hit "Download" and the program will detect the URLs you paste to find the real download link. Within few seconds, the name of the video will be displayed and the download is started. You can view the file info, downloading speed, time estimation and a progress bar.

Start Download

When the download is finished, a general summary about the download will be displayed in the window. Click "Open Folder" () to directly open the downloaded folder.

Find the Downloaded Files